Fundamental Idea of JCIL

" a person is born as a person, die as a person. " The meaning of the birth and death are similar for the non-disabled persons for the disabled persons ( person has social handicap as a result of the physical and mental impairment).

however, "Living as a person"for the disabled person is very different from that for the non-disabled. We request that even the disabled birth as a person die as a person and live as a person. However, a present society makes the disabled being made to live as the fiction that a economical and social efficiency makes. "A policy to the disabled" that a state and a local self-governing body does doesn't admit an independence of and a person who does,becomes independent and isn't an assistance with a true denotation. Many people in the society view it impossible from the beginning that the disabled has the desire to raise himself,and don't to do understand that even being troubled on "Living as a person".is same as a non-disabled. So,they don't aware of "the right for live as a person"that is "fundamental human right"is completely bended. An established concept called " the disabled is protected by putting in isolation" that represents the distortion of the society which has the superiority of the non-disabled to the disabled. A fundamental error exists there.

As far as the disabled admits an established concept having a fundamental error like this and send the life dependently with "protective and isolating environment", the capacity for the independent living isn't necessary in essence. By no means,an opportunity to learn a method to do independent life as making efforts inside this society don't exist.

Now,it is necessary that the disabled himself makes maximum efforts as the subject that shifts from "dependence" to " independent life ".

The responsibility for the propulsion of the movement of independent living that contribute the society through the disabled exercising the right of living equally.We must be aware of this and act based on this. This movement's background is the wish and cooperation of many people having the human right.

it isn't permitted what we leave as neglecting a reform of an established concept. Since it is supposed to mean complete defeat of all human beings in this social that doesn't stop to deprive " as a person dignity " of an disabled person simply. The time that settles as accepting this wrong established concept has terminated, the organization to protect human right of the disabled who requests an independent living and to supply a general assistance service is demanded.

a significance of an establishment of 'Japanese Center for Independent living'that is the organization that supports the disabled and suggests the idea against a social handicap of them is to say that it is a front-line base of the movement of the independent living for the disabled by the disabled.

on June,1987 Japanese Center of Independent Living

representative Eiichi Nagahashi

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